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The GMAT exam is an International English Language Testing system for students to provide proof of their English skills, for either immigration or academic reasons.

There are two types of GMAT exams to prepare for:

  • General GMAT – this is needed to confirm language proficiency to an employer, or for immigration purposes, or to obtain citizenship.
  • Academic GMAT – this is needed for admission to colleges or universities.

The test consists of four sections and our website provides free tutorials to help you start:

  • GMAT Writing: You have 1 hour to complete this section requiring a task 1 and task 2. The academic Task 1 requires you to analyse data from a map, chart or table, whereas the general task 1 requires you to write a formal letter. For both sections, Task 2 is a formal essay covering topics like globalisation, education or art etc. 
  • GMAT Speaking: This section of the exam lasts between 11- 15 minutes and is divided into three parts. You all take the same exam as there is no distinction between general and academic.
  • GMAT Reading: The reading section is divided in academic or general sections. You have 1 hour for this section where you’ll receive 3 reading passages and 40 questions to complete.
  • GMAT Listening: Everyone takes the same test for this section. You listen to a 30 minute audio recording and answer 40 questions.

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